Experience Builder - Cannot widget to read data

03-29-2022 06:39 AM
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When building an application in Experience Builder, I am having difficulty getting a "list" widget to read the data of feature layer. 

Feature Layer Specifics:

  • Name - Applications
  • Size - 103MBs
  • Rows - 71
  • Columns - 15

Background information - The layers consists of application data for a grant program. Information includes application name, grant amount requested, and other cost data regarding the project. It includes a very basic table.

Objective/Issue - Use the "List" widget in Experience Builder to populate the records by application name. When adjusting the dynamic data in the List widget for the title of each application name to be shown (example -  {application_name}), it will not populate the list. If it does, it will maybe read one record and then when testing it out live, the list will read as No Data. 

Here is what I'm having trouble understanding...I have another version of that feature that includes 700+ rows. The table has an additional field with a unique identifier based on the geographic region of the grant application. For example the grant application name may be New York City, but have project areas - Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island. It works just fine in Experience Builder without any issues. The feature that I am trying to work with has the project area name dissolved by application name. By specification the dissolved layer is smaller and adjusted to perform better. However, I cannot get the layer to perform in Experience Builder. Wouldn't you think the larger data set would have more issues than the smaller? 

Data Example (for layer that works fine): Each Application is made up of multiple project areas...

  • Application Name - Application 1
  • Project Area -
    • PA - A
    • PA - B
    • PA - C   etc...




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