Enter dates prior to 100 After Christ

03-29-2021 09:18 AM
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I'm working on (Greek) Archaeological excavation data and I'm trying to manage Time aware data in ArcGIS online

In a date field I'm not able to enter dates prior to 100 After Christ. If I insert 01/01/0099 it turns to 1/01/0099. The same in ArcGIS Pro.

If I just use a Integer field I'm able to use Time aware data on Pro, but not in ArcGIS online.

Dose anybody knows how to solve this?

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News form ESRI support:

the date management is based on Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) database, which does not support dates before 100 AD.

Someone suggests to use an integer field, but this allows to use time aware data in ArcGIS Pro, not in ArcGIS Online.

It seems like ArcGIS Online is not good for archaeologist 😐 ...


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