Edti Symbology Based on Data in Nested Tables in Map Viewer Classic

09-16-2021 11:45 PM
by Anonymous User
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Hi All,

I have a Map which looks like the attached screenshot. There is a polygon layer, with nested attribute tables related to different activities taking place on the field, which are updated through forms on field maps. The tables are joined to the polygons using one to many relationship classes made in ArcGIS Pro, before being published as Web Feature Layers. The data in the tables is not spatial, it is about individuals, but the individuals live within the polygons.


The Task:

I want to change the symbology of the polygons based on the data in the attribute tables. For example, as the number of a particular activity, say Walk Ins, increases in a particular area, the colour of the area should change.

Is there a way to do this directly on Map Viewer/Map Viewer Classic OR Dashboards? We can certainly do it on ArcGIS Pro by downloading the data but we are searching for more of a real time solution.


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