Editing template rectangle draw tool does not work in new map viewer

07-20-2021 07:43 AM
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I have a hosted feature layer I have created (https://ncbabel.maps.arcgis.com/home/item.html?id=83667d37ec704f08b0bc2a29fa878394).  I have turned editing on for the layer.  I've gone to the classic map viewer and under manage edit templates I have changed the draw tool to a rectangle.  Now when I edit the polygon in the classic map viewer it uses the rectangle tool.  If I open the feature layer in the new map viewer and edit the polygon it uses the regular polygon tool not the rectangle tool.  If I check the layer feature service rest api it shows that it has a feature template and the draw tool is set to: esriFeatureEditToolRectangle.  Are editing templates used in the new map viewer (and therefore v4 of the javascript API)?  It appears that they are not.  Am I missing something?  How do you use editing templates in the new map viewer and v4 of the javascript API.

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The new map viewer (formally map viewer beta) doesn't currently support many of the editing functions that map viewer classic does, but they are on the road map to be added in future updates.