Dynamic spatial join in ArcGIS Online

04-17-2020 09:35 AM
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Is there any way of creating a dynamic spatial Join in ArcGIS Online? As an example, our use case is that we have have species point data being generated via a Survey123 form. We want that point data to be visualised in a dashboard/webmap publicly but at a coarser resolution. To do this, we want to spatially join the attributes from the species points to a grid (e.g. 10km). However, using the Join Features analysis tool in ArcGIS Online only allows the creation of a new, static, layer if using a spatial join. It is possible to create a (dynamic) hosted feature layer view if using a join based on attributes. However this latter option is not suitable for us as it would require assigning the relevant spatial attributes (e.g. grid id or other spatial id) to every new record that comes in. I have also looked at the Aggregate Points and Summarize Within tools but neither of these can be used to create a hosted feature layer view, and neither are running successfully for me in any case (Failed - "the number of features is zero").

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I am also wondering the same. We are working with live data from vehicles. I'd like to be able to do a dynamic join council districts with Arcade using an identity-like process but haven't found any documentation on that. 

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Have there been any solutions to this question? We are looking to do a similar thing, customers to a boundary area. Wondering if anyone has had success. Arcade seems to be fairly slow for us thus far.

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I'm also looking for a similar function, especially on Dashboard! This may (or may not) be useful:


One alternative is using "Configured pop-ups" on the Map Viewer version (doesn't work on Dashboards, of course) -- it works for dynamic datasets but has a number of downsides that make it less-than practical. But I'm sure experienced coders can find workarounds...

"Configured pop-ups" would add a field to your pop-up based on whichever overlapping analysis tool (and maybe other spatial queries?) you format it for. For example, it will feed back a count/summary stat for the number of points within a polygon. Downside: the resulting count can vary by how far you are zoomed in/out (i.e., it's likely more points will intersect if zoomed out), slow geoprocessing time especially for complex polygons, and doesn't directly identify/select the points of interest.

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Hi Jeffrey! Do you find the similar function in Dashboard? I'm looking for a same function.

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