Dynamic join between web csv and hosted feature service, can it be done?

08-17-2020 09:04 PM
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I'm trying to establish an automatically updating join by-attribute between a web-based csv (hosted in my dropbox) and a feature service (hosted in my AGO content). I have the csv in the web map (add data from web) updating every 1 minute (refresh interval setting). I can join this layer to the feature service, but it's static – it's a one of join, and doesn't update. I'm pretty sure this is because you need to select 'Create results as hosted feature layer view', which is only possible if you own both layers as hosted feature layers.

I can add the csv as a hosted feature service to my AGO content, but this creates a copy which is not related to the dropbox version, and therefore isn't automatically updated. Maybe I could write a python script to download the dropbox version of the csv to then update the AGO version... but this would definitely be a stretch for my skills. Also, the csv should ultimately be hosted outside of my AGO content, as I will not be the owner.

Before I go down that route, I'm reaching out here for solutions/advice/help/anything! 

Thanks in advance.

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I'm stuck in a similar situation and there doesn't seem to be a solution to do this at the moment.

Once you add the csv to AGOL as a hosted layer (from dropbox, etc.), there is a update function you can use to periodically update the table from the web-hosted site where it is located (ie. dropbox) - which is great. However when you then join this table to another feature and create a view, the table loses the update functionality. 

@JoelMcKechnie have you found any workaround to your situation? 

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I ended up creating a python script to download the data and republish daily. Not totally satisfied with this solution as it requires additional steps and my PC is now acting as a server.