Domains, code, labels?

03-25-2020 06:11 AM
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I've added a domain list of values to a field in a hosted feature layer.

1 - Larry's Landscaping

2 - Pete's Plumbing

3 - Ricks Roofing

4 - Cal's Construction

5 - Other

When editing/adding features, the codes are in a dropdown. After adding the feature, I am expecting to see the "label" in the attribute table, not the "code". I found this below on Esri -

I'm expecting to see "Larry's Landscaping" in the attribute table, not "1". Am I wrong to think this? How do I see the label?

  • Code—The code is stored in the attribute table and must be supported for the data type set for the field. For example, if the field is an integer field, you cannot have a code that uses alphabetical characters. In some cases, the code value is an abbreviated form of the information. For example, for the materials field in the trash bin example, the codes might be PL and AL.
  • Label—The label is a unique text value that appears in the values list and attributes table. For the PL code, the label is plastic and for the AL code, the label is aluminum. The label also allows you to show more information than the data type for the field allows. For example, if the trash bin layer also has an integer field that stores bin height, the code for a 1 meter bin would be 1, but you can set the corresponding label to 1 m or 1 meter.
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I also have this issue. My survey was published using the web designer. I am using the answers to domain-related questions on a layout using Dynamic Text in ArcGIS Pro and they display the code instead of the label.

Also, as the submitters are filling out the form, they're seeing the label to the drop-downs and such, but when I look at the attribute table for the service in ArcGIS Pro, the survey is passing the coded value and not the label. Thus, my handsome Pro layout needs constant data editing to ensure proper display.

Has anyone else encountered this and is there a fix?



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You're not wrong, why would the code be the default?  Makes no sense.

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