Does a definition query effect the hosted feature layer performance?

02-24-2021 01:19 PM
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If I have a layer in ArcMap/Pro with a definition query applied to it and I publish as a hosted feature service, will that hosted feature service perform as well compared to if I exported the subset to another feature class and published? 

Even though the definition query is still applied in the hosted feature service, all the data is uploaded to AGOL, which I was thinking may have an impact on the speed that the service can process and return results from query or edit operations.


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One can expect the subset layer to render/query faster than the layer with definition query (the difference could be negligible for smaller datasets), just for the fact that the latter has to run the definition query on-the-fly.

But again, it depends on your requirement. You must have a reason to go with a definition-queried layer.

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