Distributed Collaboration Questions / Issues

09-01-2020 08:27 AM
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We have a dataset with over 200,000 records in it. We would like to publish it to AGOL in order to speed up the drawing performance, etc but because we use a local Oracle / SDE database this would require constant babysitting and making sure the layer is up to date. If we publish the layer to our Enterprise Portal, it is updated in real time when new data is submitted but performance can be slow and sometimes fails when loading.

It was suggested to us that a Distributed Collaboration might be the way to go in order to have a copy of the data in AGOL so that it can be kept up to date automatically and we might see some performance improvements. Unfortunately, we are not able to turn on Sync for the original data layer so the updates fail which results in error messages when viewing the layer data on the AGOL side. Is this the route we should be taking or is there an easier way to host this layer on AGOL but have it be kept up to date in real time? The data will be read only and only used for a data browser type map.

Also, when viewing this collaborated layer in AGOL it keeps requiring log in credentials to the Enterprise Portal in order to view the data - even though the layer is set to public...is this normal behavior? I would prefer to have the layer set to only be viewed by a specific group when they are logged in to AGOL and not have them log in for a second time when the web mapping application opens.

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