Display captured features from one hosted feature layer view in another hosted feature layer view in near real time

04-20-2021 07:21 AM
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I have a web mapping application that allows public/anonymous users to capture features using the smart editing widget. I want users to be able to see captured features but I want to restrict which attributes they view.

I have set up a hosted feature layer to store the captured features, this is not editable. This is my Master layer.

I have set up one hosted feature layer view of the master layer that is publically editable and allows users to create new features but not edit or delete existing features. I have also applied the 'Editors can't see any features, even those they add' setting. This is my Capture layer.

I do not want users to be able to see attribute information entered in the capture layer so I have set up another view of the master layer with a custom pop-up restricting the feature attribution display. This layer is not editable. This is my Display layer.

Based on my understanding of the Cache control documentation - specifically:

'The data in the hosted feature layer can change on the server. Therefore, the CDN and your browser check for updates periodically. The amount of time, in minutes, between these checks is referred to as the maximum cache age. Once the maximum cache age is reached, the cache is refreshed.'

I was expecting that the features captured in the capture layer would be viewable in the display layer once my current CDN cache updated and they panned the map. I currently have update time set to 30 seconds on all relevant layers.

However, my features are not visable in my display layer until I manually refresh the web mapping application in my browser. Tested on Firfox 87.0. Have I misunderstood anything here?


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