Display attachments in new Map Viewer?

10-18-2021 01:50 PM
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Is there still no way to show attachments from a related table in a popup with the new map viewer (formerly beta), maybe using Arcade? Also, in the classic web viewer, I was able to view the attachment links with a related table link in the popup,  and by showing the tables, but I do not see that option in the new map viewer, am I missing something, see screenshot below? Do I need to do something with Arcade expressions to display the attachment links? Thank you.

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As far as I know there is no way to view attachments from a related table in the new map viewer.  It does show the number of attachments but doesn't have the ability to show the attachments.  I am going to report this as a bug to ESRI technical support because the old map viewer had the ability to show attachments.  Hopefully it will be addressed soon and in the next AGO update.  

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It's possible, the new UI got me as well!

Open the new Web Map Viewer > Layer > Configure Pop-ups.

At the bottom of the Pop-ups configuration pane there is a butt to '+ add content'. This lets you add cool things like more fields, charts, images... and attachments.


Now showing in pop-up: 



This has been available since at least 10.8.1 in Portal. Would hope there's been some improvements to it in ArcGIS Online.


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I spent almost an hour trying to solve this since it was added by default on some earlier maps.  Thanks for posting!