Disable World Geocoding Service in web map search setting

07-28-2021 10:27 AM
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I read an article about configuring searchable feature layer in web map setting so that I can customize the search tool. Now I can search within specific fields in specific feature layers, but World Geocoding Service still show up as an search option. Can I remove it from the search tool in a web map?

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Create your own Locator View of the World Geocoding Service.  When creating it, turn off Enable Geosearch.  Share the Locator View with your Org or Public.  Go to your Organization Settings, Utility Services.  Add the Locator View that you just created, and then delete the Esri World Geocoder Service.

In your web map settings, you can enable search by layer and the search widget will only show your layer, not the Locator View.

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