Delete table in hosted feature service, update errors

02-28-2021 01:07 PM
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I am having a really hard time updating a hosted feature layer in AGOL, and it might be because I have a table (that I don't want and don't know how I added) in the hosted feature service. I'm not sure if that's the reason I can't update, but either way I want to remove the table - and can't find how.

When I click on the hosted feature layer (overview), there's the layer that I do want under "Layers" and then there's a "Tables" section that includes a table I don't want. If I click on that table, there is no settings tab, and no way that I can find to delete it (it's not a distinct feature in my AGOL account either).

Then separately, but maybe related, is every time I try to use the "Update Data/Append Data to Layer" button, I get some kind of error -- sometimes the "update existing features" checkbox is greyed out, sometimes something else. The layer is not enabled for offline (the only recommendation for troubleshooting that I've found), and even opening in ArcPro, joining and calculating the field gives me errors. When I tried sharing/overwriting the layer in ArcPro, it gave an unsuccessful error, but still deleted all the data and listed the name of the layer I was attempting to overwrite with (thankfully I had saved a backup shapefile, which somehow successfully appended to the file) ... but I still can't update in any other ways that I usually can. 

I'm not sure what other information to give because I'm really confused about what is going wrong and why it's not working -- I update other AGOL layers all the time and have never had an even remotely similar issue. Could it potentially be because there is an associated view layer? 

Any and all ideas are much appreciated. 

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Hello, Just wondering if you found a solution to removing a table from the hosted feature service. Do you know if it is possible by updating the definition?

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