Date Collected in Collector and Survey123 Are Changed in ArcPro

08-02-2019 02:18 PM
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We are documenting the date on both Collector and Survey123 forms in the field in a disconnected environment. When we get back and upload the data to ArcOnline, we then view and join the data in ArcPro. When viewing the data in ArcPro the date field does not display the correct time and sometimes the date itself is also off by a day. We do NOT need the time information in this field, but the dates must be correct. 

It seems like the time is being changed somewhere after it has been collected either by ArcOnline or ArcPro during the process. After researching this issue we have not gotten any closer to an answer. Has anyone ran into this problem and found a solution? 

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Hi Brad Mead‌ - 

How far off is the time? 

I think the issue likely has to do with ArcGIS Online storing time in UTC and the browser calculating the UTC offset. When these values are brought into ArcGIS Pro they won't match up with the local time. 

I expect you can convert these values with the following tool:

Here is a support article on this workflow (same concept, but for ArcMap):

Here is great blog on time in ArcGIS Online: 

Hope that helps!


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