Data loss when exporting shapefile?

05-28-2018 03:54 PM
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We have a polygon feature layer our field crews are updating using Arc Collector. It's a feature with about 240,000 polygons (a vector grid).

The field crews are entering integer values into one of three columns. There is a conditional column that is turned on (text saying 'Yes') whenever a value greater than 0 is placed in one of the integer columns.

Recently, exporting this feature layer as a shape file, its attribute data did not contain any of the recorded integer values. However, it did contain the 'Yes' entries for each polygon that would have had integer values entered. We found that when exporting the csv version of the feature data, the integer values were preserved.

Is there a good/systematic reason the shapefile export would drop the integer data, but the csv export would keep it?

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can you show the shapefile's table

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