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Data filtering changes trigger in Experience Builder

03-17-2022 09:28 AM
New Contributor

In Experience Builder, for both the Search and Filter widgets, I tried to set up an Action trigger for "Data filtering changes"  with the "Zoom to" option on a map. If the Zoom scale is set to "Automatic," it zooms in way too much (e.g., 1 in = 400 ft for the United Kingdom, putting the full map extent in the Sound of Jura). If the Zoom scale is set to "Custom," the map automatically zooms into that scale before a selection is made, which won't work for a map that should start at a global scale. This is true for both widgets. The only alternative I see is to not use this trigger and go with either the "Record selection changes" or "Records created" triggers in the Search or Query widget, making the Filter widget no longer an option. Any suggestions would be great.

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