Customize Pop-Up Window

08-16-2019 12:09 PM
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I'd like to customize a pop up window in AGOL.  I would like to include some bold lettering, a line space between sentences and also learn how to itemize characteristics as:




I have included an example.  Any suggestions on how to design such a pop up or direction to a blog that could help me I would truly appreciate the help.

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You don't even need to know HTML to do a pop up configuration like that. In the configure pop up window, choose Display: A custom attribute display. Then simply type the text in the Custom Attribute Display box and format it the way you want. To pull specific attribute information into the pop up, click the + next to the font size and click on the field name that you want. 

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Thanks much Katherine! I had initially done what you are describing in the title box; which did not work.  I will give this a try when I am back in the office Monday.  

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