Custom URL parameter for Crowdsource Polling

04-09-2020 11:01 AM
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I am configuring the crowdsource polling template.  This is the AGOL version, not the one you download.  I am trying to configure the custom URL parameter.  There are two options to choose from:

SELECT FEATURE - "Use a URL parameter to open the application to a specific feature without changing the visibility of features in the list or the map.‎"

FILTER LAYERS - "Use a URL parameter to filter the map and list to show only the features that have the provided value in the selected fields.‎"

The filter layers option works fine, but ideally I would prefer the first option where the feature I choose is selected but you can still see the surrounding features.

Has anyone experienced any issues with the select feature option?

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I'm having the same problem, on Portal. Did you resolve your issue, @BMCGIS?

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