Custom icon in new map viewer?

05-06-2022 04:33 PM
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We have a public facing map that we wish to improve symoboly by using custom images. However, I just learned that using custom images is not an option in new map viewer. 


I can still update them using classic map viewer, but my concern is what if I get to update map with additional symbols then cannot change it at all or perhaps lose all the custom images.


Wil classic map viewer still around? or is there any plan to add the custom icon option?


Thank you.



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This is on our roadmap for symbol styler for later this year. You could publish this icon set as a web style for now and use that has a custom symbol gallery.

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Hi Russell, is there an updated timeline for implementation of this feature?

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Esri Notable Contributor

Yup!! Uploading symbols through the Symbol Styler in Map Viewer is looking like this late feb release. Its currently in development but looking good. This will support JPEG, PNG and GIF. 

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