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06-25-2019 09:48 AM
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What are the terms of use for the imagery data at, specifically the World Imagery for export? This question was asked six years ago at this thread, and I'm looking for an updated answer. At the time, it was clarified in this Github thread that it was okay to access image tiles using a non-Esri API, and without paying for Esri software or services, as long as:

  • You have a free ArcGIS Online account
  • You properly attribute the images with the provided copyright string
  • You do not generate revenue from your application
  • Your application is not used for the benefit of a business or government agency

Many of the referenced legal documents have changed since then, so I'm unsure if this is still the case. I'm interested in imagery export rather than tiles, so I'm also looking for clarification on whether the same rules apply.

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