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04-15-2019 07:38 AM
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ArcGIS Online has a nice set of visualizations and data downloads on how credits are used (Debited).   Is there a way to see the amount and when credits are added (Credited)?

I put a request in through my large organization to purchase additional credits.  It looks like the credits were added based on my memory of the Remaining Credits but I've received no other information that this was done from my organization or from Esri.  I would like to be sure and see the amount that was added and when it was added.   Is it possible or do I need to call Esri.  It would be also important for the dashboard to make a distinction between these purchased credits that have a life span of 24 months versus the credits that expire on the renewal date.  Is this information presented anywhere?



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Thanks for the feedback Brian,

Currently credit purchase information isn't trackable through the status dashboard. I'll add this to our internal tracking for the status page, but also recommend adding an Idea about this.

Would you want to view this information as an administrator of the organization or as a user?