Creating Views - ArcGIS API for Python does not honor JSON settings

11-22-2019 12:33 PM
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Creating a view with the Python API does not honor the settings of an existing hosted feature service that are preserved in the JSON. Settings configured in the Visualization tab in ArcGIS Online for field values like "visible": true/false and general layer info like "popupinfo" that are configured in an existing service do not carry down to views that are created with the ".manager.create_view" module in the Python API. These settings ARE carried through when the view is created manually in ArcGIS Online.

Settings of the existing feature service in the JSONSettings in the view that is created from the existing service using the Python API

Above Left - Original Settings in Service                 Above Right - Altered settings circled after view is made with the API.

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Hi SFM Will Brewer‌ ~ 

Closing the loop on this thread, I noticed you had opened a Support case for the issue. For others who may come across this post, the behavior was reproducible in-house and has been logged as BUG-000126935. 



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