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Creating Data with the Creator License

03-22-2022 09:09 PM
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Hi there,

I have an AGOL account with all the bells and whistles through my day job, and am fairly well-versed with the functionality I have there.  However, I am helping a local nonprofit with a mapping project - they have a Creator license - and I CANNOT figure out how to create a layer to use on their map.  I cannot upload a zip file to a hosted feature layer (it just stays as a zip), I cannot share a shapefile / feature class to their organization as a service from desktop, I cannot create a new feature layer directly within their organization, a Map Package acts the same as a zip file.

Surely the license level named "Creator" can create a simple point layer to display on top of a web map, right?  What am I missing?  And if not, is the only way that the Creator  license can display data is if another party has hosted it as a publicly-available web service?  That doesn't seem right.

All I need are two simple point layers of our own creation to add on top of a simple web map. 


Thanks all.

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