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11-26-2019 03:04 PM
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I have a faculty member at my university who wants to have a gallery of her students' story maps that she can share with the public.  It looks like I can create a group where the content can be shared and then a grouo-based app to share the content as a gallery.

The question I have has to do with the group settings.  I want to allow "Everyone" to view the group and want to allow only those who we approve to be granted membership.  But what about the "Who can contribute content..." question?  If I limit this to only the group owner and manager, can I (with site admin capabilities) add students' content to the group or do I need to grant the students group membership and then allow group members to share content to the group?

Keep in mind that I want to create a public-facing gallery of student work (story maps).

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Allen RIsley

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California State University San Marcos

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Hi Allen Risley‌,

With administrator capabilities you will be able to add student content to the group. 

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