Create Z-value enabled Hosted Feature Class without Arc Pro?

10-30-2019 11:43 AM
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How do I take a CSV file that has Lat, Long, and Altitude, and turn that into a Z-value enabled hosted feature service, without using Arc Pro. We are working with a client to build a workflow that lets them add new data collected by planes to their AGO content... which is a big-enough leap for them. We can't tell them they need to use Pro to do this - they lack the resources to run it. I know I can publish a Z-enabled hosted feature layer from Pro and that works fine. There must be a workflow to get a 3D dataset into AGO without Pro, right? Right?

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Hi Nicholas Floersch‌, 

It is not currently possible to created a z-enabled Hosted Feature Layer in ArcGIS Online through CSV upload or from a layer template. If a z-enabled Hosted Feature Service exists in ArcGIS Online then a new, z-enabled Hosted Feature Service can be created from the existing layer. Uploading a FGDB with z-values from the My Content page also creates a Hosted Feature Service with z-values. 

It gets a little bit trickier when adding records from a CSV because z-value is stored as part of the feature geometry as opposed to in an attribute field. 

An alternative that might work for your client:

  • Only once, you publish a z-enabled, empty Hosted Feature Service from ArcGIS Pro to ArcGIS Online.
  • Ensure that the schema matches the CSV's schema. 
  • From the Item Details page, the client can update > Append > add the CSV Data to the z-enabled Hosted Feature Service. 
  • On your end from ArcGIS Pro, you would need to consume the service and use the Add Z Information—Help | ArcGIS Desktop GP tool to set the z values from the attribute values. 

I hope that helps. I also recommend logging this as an idea in ArcGIS Ideas and providing the use case above. 



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