Create View Layer with Preserve Layer IDs option

08-03-2020 02:49 PM
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I'm having an issue where I cannot create view layers of certain hosted feature service sub layers unless I uncheck the "Preserve Layer IDs" option.

I have a hosted feature service with several sub layers, hosted on ArcGIS Online. I can use the "Create View Layer" button to create a view layer of the entire service, including all of the sub layers. When I click on an individual sub layer and try to create a view layer, only the first sub layer (id = 0), works correctly. All of the others appear to work but there are no layers listed on the item details page and when I click the data or visualization tab, nothing appears.

I have no issues if I uncheck "Preserve Layer Ids". I also have other hosted feature services which don't give me the same problem.

Is this a bug or something I don't understand about that option?



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Hi Jillian, I am having the same issue, though I did not realize it. I could not seem to create a view layer from a service with several sub layers. I do not see a sub layer ID=0 though, so I could not test that. My results were the same- no data, no visualization, no map view. I might see a thumbnail image in the resulting view layer information screen though.

Thank you for getting me over this hurdle at least. 

Unchecking "Preserve Layer IDs" seems to have worked and the view layer was created. I am really hoping that bumping this up might get the attention of someone who might know if this is a bug. I'm not sure if I want to preserver the feature IDs of not in the future, but would like the option.

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