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Create new layer from existing- not maintaining symbology/ popup

05-03-2023 12:28 PM
New Contributor III

We have a workflow where we created a new hosted feature layer with the visualization (symbology and pop up) set up that we'd like to use as a template to create new layers for the same purpose but different projects.

In the Old Map viewer days, when we created this template layer and used it to create new layers, it maintained the symbology and the pop up settings, but now it does not.

I'm aware that the visualization tab is for the layer to maintain those properties across web maps the layer is added to, but (and I could be wrong), in the old days it seemed to maintain these properties when a new layer was created from it, like a template.

I know an alternate workflow is to publish using a template from Pro, and that would probably maintain settings, and am wondering if that is why it no longer exists?


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