Create Date, Edit Date, How about a Sync Date

10-22-2020 09:27 AM
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AGOL allows you to track when a point has been created and edited, with the CreationDate and EditDate fields.  But when using offline areas in Collector, a person can edit points offline and sync their data later in the day or days later.  The EditDate will still have the date when the person made the edits on their device.  It would be great to have an automatic field to calculate the date and time when a record was last synced from an offline map.  I can then easily review data that has been edited and make backups of edited data based on the date and time it was last synced with AGOL.

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I can see that this post is a few years old now but this would be very useful. Our use case is that we need to QA data collected in the field so it would be good for those doing the QA to know when the data was added to the online feature service from Field Maps/S123. Does anyone know if this is possible yet? I have had QuickCapture record the sync date in the past (even though in that instance I wanted the feature creation date!) so it seems that it should be possible. Thanks

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