Create an ArcGIS Story Map from a point layer?

01-08-2021 01:22 PM
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I'm confused. How does one create an ArcGIS Story Map from a point layer? I don't want to add slides one at a time and type in a bunch of text blocks. All the content I need already exists in an attribute table: headings, locations, descriptive text, links, media, and more. How do I feed that into

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You can use maps with your locations.

That's it.


All text and pictures, video, audio are added to to each slide/block, no matter what you have in attributes or attachments.

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Oh. That's wierd. How can these be successor to Esri/Classic story maps if they can't be data driven? Well thanks for letting me know I wasn't just being dense! I can file this idea to the toy bin now and go back to finding a real solution.

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If you used a Story Map Series and set the point layer pop-up to show when you move through the story, that would expose the attributes. Make sure you, within the web map, properly configure the pop-up to suit your narrative needs.

Also, using web app builder, you could use the Info Summary widget to create some level of detail in a panel.

I have to admit, like the capabilities to expose attributes in a details panel within dashboard, it would be nice if that same feature was available when creating a Story Map - very useful for dynamic content.