Create a view layer from hosted feature layer in ArcGIS Online

11-27-2019 08:19 AM
Esri Contributor

When a try to create a view layer on ArcGIS Online from a hosted Feature Layer the following error is showed

Error: Unable to add feature service definition.

I have looked at the browser console (F12 option) and i realized three basic XHR operations are launched:

1. CreateService
2. AddToDefinition
3. DeleteService

The error is related to AddDefinitionOperation returning this response:

{"error":{"code":400,"message":"Unable to add feature service definition.","details":["View services can only be added by service owner or admin. Message : Request not made over ssl, Code : Forbidden"]}}

The third operation (DeleteService) is launched as a consecuence of this error. I am the owner of the layer and all requests are over ssl.

Why can't i create this view layer using ArcGIS Online options?

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Esri Contributor

Greetings Javier,

I have a user who is having the same issue you have.  Did you ever get to the bottom of the issue?  Are you still experiencing the problem?

Gracias de antemano,


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