Convert ArcGIS Online public account to organization account.

05-07-2019 04:10 PM
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Can an ArcGIS Online public account be converted to an organization account? (The first and last name used to create the public account is actually the name of the organization.)

If not, can an existing ArcGIS Online public account be deleted so that its name, email address and other credentials can be used to create an ArcGIS Online organization account?

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I don't believe you can create an organizational account from a public account. However, once you've created an organizational account, a public account can join it as described here.


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Today we spoke with Esri Customer Service, got quick, clear and simple answers to our questions, then followed their simple instructions to accomplish everything.

Payment for a Single Use license and annual maintenance for ArcGIS for Desktop automatically includes an ArcGIS Online organization account/subscription. We thought that was the case, but only needed to confirm it. No additional purchase is necessary to get started from the beginning. Of course, adding tokens, etc., requires additional purchases.

Upon request by the  ArcGIS for Desktop licensee, Customer Service will send an email providing a webpage link to follow and an activation code to enter for the new ArcGIS Online organization account/subscription. When the linked webpage is reached, the licensee enters the activation code and there choses whether they want to create a new organization account or convert an existing public account to an organization account. If the choice taken is to convert an existing public account to an organization account, then the licensee simply logs on using the same user name and password they used for the public account, and the public account is automatically converted to an organization account, and all their old public account information is automatically transferred over to the organization account.

This worked like a charm for us.

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If I Not knowing the consequences I converted my personal account to a organizational account while being invited with a token. Can this be reversed?  I need to keep my personal account separate from the organizational account.  

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