Content Shared with Group Without Being a Member

11-24-2021 08:44 AM
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I have a particular scenario for group membership and sharing of content within ArcGIS Online, for which I could not find a clear answer here or elsewhere on the web. Hoping someone can provide some insight.

Here it goes...

Meet our fictional AGOL users Ken, Sue and Bob. They all belong to the same AGOL organization. The only administrative privileges they have are related to creating, modifying and seeing the groups in the organization.

Ken, Sue and Bob members of AGOL Group A.
Ken and Sue are members of Group B.
Both groups are owned by completely different users, not related to this scenario.

Ken has a number of items shared with Group A and Group B. Some of the same items are shared with both groups. Let's focus on one item, a hosted feature layer, and call it Item 1. This item is shared with both groups.

Ken has decided to move on to bigger and better things, so his account will be deactivated in the near future. Ownership of Ken's content, including the shared items, is being moved to Bob.

When Item 1's ownership changes to Bob, it remains available in Group A and Group B. As a member of both groups, Sue is able to see the items in both, so the change of ownership has not impacted her at all.

If Bob is not a member of Group B, how is it that his "newly acquired" content (Item 1) can continue to be shared with Group B?

In Bob's "content" page, Item 1 is showing as shared with Group A, but there is no indication whatsoever that it is shared with Group B. Bob has not been made a member of Group B, and Group B is not showing up as one of the groups that he can share the data to, as he's not a part of it. I see this as a issue...


This old post suggests that this shouldn't be the case.

Thank you in advance,


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