Configuring public data collection settings for Web Maps for all layers

04-04-2021 08:29 PM
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Hi, I want to embed a web map into a website I created. However, it says I have to enable public data collection for a layer when I do this. But I do not want to have to enable this setting for each layer I create. Is there an overarching setting that will mark all layers I create as open for public data collection? Is there a way to configure these settings with some external means like Python? 

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This is a recommendation.

Does the layer(s) need to be edited by Public? Since you just want to embed the webmap to your website, I would suggest you to create hosted feature layer views (non-editable), and use them in your webmap (that needs to be embedded in your website) instead of the hosted feature layers (editable).

Whatever data updates are made to the Hosted Feature Layers by the editors, also gets reflected in their corresponding Hosted Feature Layer Views.

While sharing the webmap with everyone, you will be prompted to share the layers as well (Update Sharing).

Hosted Feature Layer Views -  A Practical Example

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