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Conduct a Spatial Join with Data & Esri Map in Power BI

04-27-2023 04:50 PM
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This question has to do with the collaboration of Esri and Power BI through AGOL.  Once we bring in an AGOL map into a Power BI dashboard through the "ArcMaps for Power BI" visualization, is there then a way to conduct a spatial join with our existing point data that is streaming in from a SQL Server source that has a lat and long so I can "bucket" the points into their respective intersecting map features, then use the aggregated values of those features as a measure to display in a bar chart, or use the features to filter other visuals?

Tableau has the ability to conduct a spatial join with a MAKEPOINT calculation using the lat and long of each data point intersect with features in a shapefile. Is there any hope of anything in Power BI that possibly has that kind of capability, and if so, how can I make it happen?

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