combining points based on distance in same table

04-15-2022 11:01 AM
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I have a table of sampling points with lat/lons and I would like to combine them based on whether or not they are a certain distance apart. For instance, within the 1000 points I have, if there are three that are within 100 meters of each other, I want the program to tell me which three those are, but yet, keep the attributes distinct. Is there a tool I can use, that will possibly create a new layer keeping the points distinct, but tell me which points are within that distance from each other? I can provide  more information if necessary

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It's more complex than you might imagine.  Consider a line of points each 100m apart extending for several km, or even a matrix of equally spaced points.

How would you decide which points to group together?

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Have you looked into the Analysis tool Find Point Clusters? It will assign point features into groups based on their proximity to other point features, and your specified minimum group size and search range. The output includes the original featureID, so you could then join the results of the grouping back to the original input feature layer to have all the original attributes as well as the ID of the group to which they belong.

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