Collector for Android do not collect online when signing with my account, but trying with other credentials it works fine.

11-19-2019 07:07 AM
New Contributor III

Whenever I try to use collector to test the maps I created, it shows that it is loading some maps... And give me zero results. It shows he message "A cellular or wifi data connection is required", and jumps to the "On Device" maps. However, if I try login with any other account (I'm the GIS Specialist in the company, so I have access to many others), it works without any issue, and can see all the maps that they should have access. 

I tried clearing the app cache, uninstalling it, but got no results. As long I am using my account (which is an admin account), the app refuses to connect. The funny thing is that when it is searching for maps (before giving me the error above), I can see all maps for a brief moment, and then it goes to the no result page when the search is complete. This is a know issue? 

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