Collector- Feature Layer Export for Snapping

08-18-2015 09:00 AM
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I am testing offline map editing with collector. I have a hosted Feature Layer in my AGOL organization and I am exporting the features via FGDB and then downloading the .zip file. I am wondering how I can then QA/QC any edits made in the field via the collector app, and into a version of my .SDE to have snapping and rec&post to my production .sde. When I try copying and pasting selected features I run into a spatial references error the despite the properties of the layers displaying the same projected and geographic coordinate systems.

I have tried the "Project(Data Management)" tool just because and nothing changes in regard to the error


I compared features and this is the AGOL layer is the "Test" while "Base" would be my versioned layer. How can I get them to match?

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