Citizen problem reporter - Can't download app?

04-29-2022 10:15 AM
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Hello all, 

I'm looking into possibly using Citizen Problem Reporter as a platform for the public to submit new trash problems, but I'm not able to set some needed configuration in the out-of-the-box deployment.

Specifically I need to restrict access so the public can't see existing features when submitting new reports. This is for security reasons.

I tried restricting the editing permissions on the hosted feature layer view, so that editors can only see their own features, but the app seems to ignore that and continues to show all existing features. I had shared everything public and logged in as "guest" to test this.

Is there a way to configure the app so the public can submit new reports but can't see the existing ones?

In the previous forum threads, some have mentioned downloading the app and hosting it, but I don't see where I can do that. Is that ability no longer available?

Thank you, 


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