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Cataloging the Items

05-16-2023 04:01 AM
New Contributor III

Hi All,

I have created a Python script that generates a CSV file / cataloging containing information about all the items in the portal. I attached the python script (Items.txt) for your reference.

I wanted to make my script little more advance, so now I need to python script will capture the details of all items with their associated items.

For Example, Three items in the portal

1) Dashboard


3)Hosted feature layer

Dashboard is configured with the webmap.

When the csv (output) will generate the with the details of the associates items.

TitleOwnerTypeIDURLAssociate item TitleAssociate itemAssociate item IDAssociate item URL
Test1SunitaDashboard144164218def46849b6f5451aed525c7  web map  


Thanks & Regards,


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