Can you have attributes display for Vector Tiles?

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04-05-2016 03:31 PM
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I have posted some test Vector Tile Packages to AGO.  Does anyone know if there is a way to get attributes in a popup?  It sounds possible in the help but only for a custom web app.  I see that you can now add a popup for a map service or cache tiles by pointing to a Feature Service but I do not see this option for Vector Tiles.

I think the ability to change color is still in development correct?

Also please add the ability to see Vector Tile packages and/or Vector services in ArcMap!


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KGerrow-esristaff‌, any updates on this follow-up question from a.hirschi-wyssesri-rw-esridist‌?  It has been about six months, and from what I can gather poking around Esri sites and Google, there isn't much to report on.  I am hoping there is, and I am just missing it.  Thanks.

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Hello Kelly,

Do you know if this is something in the roadmap ?

It seems to be a very promising when looking at it:

Get features under the mouse pointer | Mapbox 



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Nicolas‌, while we're waiting for an answer from Kelly and/or Katie, you might vote for this: Vector Tile Popups  (if not yet done).

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Hi Nicolas,

There is currently some work being done on a project to include some functionality. I'll update this post when i have a more specific timeline.


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Kelly please consider posting early prototype to the ESRI Github page, as was done with heatmap layer, so we can begin to experiment with this feature before it is included in main JS API.

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Are there any updates on this? We had a use case where we want to get some attribute information on mouse over such as the name of the location they are hovering over.

I believe this information exists in the Esri tile layers, it just isn't exposed by hit test. To demonstrate this I include two samples both using the same Esri Tile layer (they look different because one is styled one not). Once using the open layers API and the other using Esri JSAPI

Open layers


With open layers I not only get the name of the item but also the NLS



With Esri I get nothing but the layer name



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This is clearly indicated as a feature in ESRI help doc, but I'm unable to get anything working. See this posting:

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