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Can we update Latitude and Longitude attribute table data dynamically with Point Feature Layers?

04-12-2017 12:41 PM
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Is there a method of dynamically populating the latitude and longitude of a point into the attribute table of the associated feature service/layer?

For example, I have a point feature layer with an attribute field for latitude and a field for longitude.  Before I published this service I used ArcMap's "Calculate Geometry" tool to populate these fields with coordinates in decimal degree format.  Now that the layer is published as a Feature Service, users can access the data and edit the location of the point features in this layer, BUT when they modify the location of a point, the latitude and longitude coordinates stored in the attribute table are not updated.  Some users tend to export this data out as csv, but when this is done they do not get the most up to date latitude and longitude coordinates available in the exported data (there are X and Y columns populated in the CSV export, but this appears to be State Plane coordinates, which most users don't even know how to use...).

There must be some kind of built in variable for Decimal Degree coordinates that can be called on to populate fields in an attribute table when a feature is moved/updated ...right?  At the very least, there must be a way to populate X and Y columns with Decimal Degree coordinates upon CSV Export?

Thanks for anybody's help on this.

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I think there are a few Ideas you can check out. See if any of these meet your requirements and if they do please add your support by voting them up and adding a comment with your use case:

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