can't sign in to arcgis online through ArcMap file menu

06-30-2010 12:41 PM
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When I try to sign in to ArcGIS Online through the ArcMap File menu (version 10.0 final), I get a Sign On Failure message that says "Unable to connect to ArcGIS Online." I can connect through my web browser with no problem.

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Can you ​refresh you browser?  Exact steps to do this will depend on what browser you are using ( do a search and you should find many suggestions)

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I did a "Reset" on IE from one of the other replies above, but no luck. My primary browser is Chrome, however. Still unable to connect to ArcGIS Online from ArcMap (either browser works fine.) When I hit "Trouble Connecting?" It fails all of the tests (proxy server, download speed, network latency, and network route).

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I've tried other solutions such as deleting registry for AGOL, and also adding AGOL domains to Internet Explorer's trusted sites. None of this was a reliable solution as they only worked at times.

I've tried connecting to AGOL via https and this has been consistently working for me.

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Thanks, this trick saved me

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This worked for me. Thanks!

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That worked for me, as well!  Thank you for posting!

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check your firewall. i had recently done a fresh install and firewall settings were reset.

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I corrected this problem with the TLS Patch 1.2 patch :

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