Can't get video clip to observe start, end and loop parameters in Cascade template

11-03-2021 07:19 AM
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I'm using the Cascade Storymap for student projects and can't get the template to accept parameters for setting video start, end, loop and autoplay. Basically, when I generate the iframe embed code or URL that sets the parameters and then paste it into the Cascade title page it will observe the start and end time parameters the first time through but then reverts to the full video the 2nd time. And when I go back into the media picker and look at the link to content it has changed from what I originally pasted to a strip down version that just has the start and end time. See examples below

sample video a student wants to use:

video URL with custom parameters:

I'm having this issue with all YouTube videos students have tried to use for looping title page. Any ideas why this isn't working? I've tried this using the Map Journal template and it doesn't work there either. 

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Hi @LuyangRen

Could you please try using the playlist parameter within the YouTube URL to see if Cascade recognises the URL differently?

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Unfortunately it still doesn't work as intended. It observes the parameters
the first time the video is played, but the second time it does not observe
the parameters and plays the entire video.

Janine Glathar

p.s. Luyang and I share the administrator account. She will forward me any
messages you send or you can reply to both of us (she is cc'd on this
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