Can I extract a single day from a time-enabled layer, usable in a Scene?

01-30-2020 08:37 AM
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I'm trying to use time-enabled data such as in a Scene.  This imagery layer contains 18 years of daily data.  In Map or PRO I can animate the data over time, change the date or date range, etc. normally.  However, in a Scene, the layer only displays the first day in the data set, and I can't see any way to change that.  I'm not aware of a way to subset the layer to a single day in Map or PRO in order to export a desired day as a layer for Scene.

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Hi Daren Casey‌,

You are correct that there isn't a time slider capability in scenes right now; cross posting to ArcGIS Pro‌ and Imagery and Remote Sensing‌ to see if anyone from these communities has accomplished this. 

Hope that helps,


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Hmm, by swapping SceneView for MapView in this sample:

      TimeSlider widget | ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.15 

I do seem to be able to have an app that will fetch data from different times.

It does not look like the image requests fetch smoothly so that you can get a nice animation, but I was able to use this simple sample to pull in different data for January vs. July.

Philip Mielke