Bug Within Operations Dashboard

10-26-2021 09:36 AM
New Contributor II

When I want to create a new dashboard, I often edit a prior dashboard and “Save As”.

When trying this, I run into an annoying bug.

When two maps are on the same dashboard, the old Map 1 and the newer Map 2, and I want to create a new Serial Chart that references a data layer from Map 2, a bug forces the same data layer from Map 1 (older) to be used, even if I select the data layer from Map 2 (the correct newer one).

This makes my Serial Charts dependent on a data layer from the wrong map, creating many problems further downstream.

For example, when the charts are completed and I try to delete Map 1 (no longer needed), I get the error message “Warning: X dependent elements will be deleted”. Upon deleting the map, the newly created Serial Charts (which should be dependent on Map 2, not Map 1) are deleted.

See the attached PDF for screenshots.

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