Blank Pop-up when using WMS layer

03-15-2019 10:59 AM
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Hi there,

We host our data on GeoServer and use ArcGIS Online to create our maps. However, when I add a GeoServer layer to ArcGIS Online as an OGC Web Map Service, add it to a map, select enable pop-up and click the layer, the pop-up appears blank with no attributes showing in it. 

Here is the link to our GeoServer: service=wms& version=1.1.1& request=GetCapabilities

and the layer I have been testing is 'ShoreZone Algae and Kelp'. 

Any help on this issue would be much appreciated.

Thank you,


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This is the error message that i received in developer tools when trying to load the pop up:

Refused to display ',psf:ShoreZone_ZOS&WIDTH=1477&HEIGHT=827&SRS=EPSG:3857&BBOX=-15006117.392941903,5652703.619858384,-11393397.688072294,7675533.136396751&INFO_FORMAT=text/html&QUERY_LAYERS=psf:ShoreZone_ZOS&FEATURE_COUNT=25&X=337&Y=542' in a frame because it set 'X-Frame-Options' to 'sameorigin'. 

This is something that will need to be modified on the web server that hosts Geoserver. Here is a quick article on where to start looking:

javascript - How to set 'X-Frame-Options' on iframe? - Stack Overflow