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Blank fields when adding new fields to AGOL hosted table using overwrite and add to definition REST operation?

01-20-2017 08:10 AM
New Contributor II

I have a csv and an associated hosted table published to ArcGIS Online which both need to be updated annually with two new fields that reflect data values for the latest year. I've successfully overwritten the hosted table using an updated csv that shares the same schema as the AGOL csv plus the addtional fields. Although this change to the schema is successfully reflected in the AGOL csv, I've then had to run the "Add to definition" operation using the admin service URL
to reflect the additional fields in the hosted table. However, although this updates the hosted table schema, when I open the hosted table in a new map the new fields are empty. It seems like the schema I'm amending for the
hosted table isn't mapping to the new fields in the corresponding csv. Am I missing something?

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