Best way to update daily COVID-19 case layer?

08-26-2020 09:47 AM
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I've written a Python script that:

1) takes the COVID-19 confirmed cases (US) raw file from JHU's github here,

2) selects for a specific county, and

3) creates a new variable ("new_cases") to calculate the daily number of new cases.

I want to display the daily new cases data on a dashboard in ArcGIS Online. What is the best way to go from the variable in my Python script to an output in AGOL, where I can just run the script and the updates will sync?

Currently, I am outputting an excel file from the Python script, uploading that file to AGOL, and hosting it as a table. However, whenever I try to overwrite or append data, the time zone reverts to UTC, and it looks like I am a day behind (8/31/2020 shows up as 8/30/2020), etc. Thus, I am having to reupload the excel file every day so that I can establish the correct time zone.

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I recommend taking a look at the README for this script, which follows a similar workflow, including converting time into UTC time (I use a basic datetime.timedelta(hours=x) ) 

Here is also a helpful blog on the topic: Don’t Let Your Content Go Stale!  

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Thank you, Mike! I ended up uploading the file as a csv, and when I overwrite it with updates the time zone does not change. However, I will look into these resources to see if I can further automate.