Best practice for moving a point in a HFL? Preferably without scripting

04-10-2019 11:09 AM
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Occasionally we get points at 0,0 because a Survey123 user forgot to place the pin on their map and they were out of coverage.  Or it ends up in the wrong location due to an accidental swipe of the map before they submitted.  And the survey is no longer on the device.

I'd like to empower a non-techie person (The business unit who owns the data) to move the point to it's proper location without a lot of fuss or assistance from an analyst. Suggestions?



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Hi Shana,

This is possible depending on the editing privileges set on your survey. Are you tracking who edits each record? Would you only want them to be able to update their own records?

Consider creating an update view with different editing privleges if needed. Here is some documentation about editing capabilities:

Survey123 for ArcGIS


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