Best app for tree inventory in field

03-26-2021 08:44 AM
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Hello - our forestry department will be doing a tree inspection and inventory project in the summer. They are planning to purchase a Juniper Mesa 3 tablet (unsure about the OS at the moment). They reached out to my department for an app that will help streamline this process for them in field. I am looking into the best application for this: Survey123 or Field Maps. 

Has anyone done similar work of inventory collection in-field with the Mesa 3 and if so which application did you use? Any recommendations between the 2 applications and which operating system is best? I don's anticipate an elaborate or complicated form, as I have used both Survey123 and Field Maps for other smaller projects in the past. But I am conflicted over which app is best suited for this project since it will be longer term (a yearly project) and both apps, in my experience, have been powerful and easy to use in-field.

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Our Forest Preserves were doing similar inventory, albeit with a different device. I really, really like Quick Capture for basic field data collection (just one or two attributes).

The other apps are also great., If we have more complex data to capture, I tend to lean towards Field Maps between it and Survey1232, just because the field workers tend to appreciate something map-centric.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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